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darkxangel6's Journal

I like the lolita fashion,particularly the punk and goth styles. I also like the fashion and music movement of scene and emo. I love screamo, techno, metal, etc. I am really into fashion and music nowadays. I would like to make my own clothes one day, I hope to learn how to soon. I, also, wish I can draw so I can put my ideas on paper. My favorite band is HIM, as well as many other bands. I am graduating high school soon and I am moving onto college. I hope to make new friends and to come out of my shyness, I want to be more outgoing. I want to be me, but it is hard to do because I lack confidence to do what I love or want. I need ideas on crazy hairstyles (not too crazy though) and how to get new punk, goth, or/and lolita clothing.I love video games and anime and manga. I love fantasy books and shows such as True Blood and Harry Potter and Twilight. I also like series like Big Love. I am always willing to try something new. I am mostly on the computer if anyone wants to talk to me, even 'til the dead of night. I'll be glad to talk anytime! <3